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2022.01.24 08:57 True-Example-212 Got PE? Give Femoral Intercourse a go to see if it works for you

It is where the shaft of the penis glides through the lips of the vulva like a hot dog in a bun. The penis doesn’t go into the vagina, but glides through the vulva’s lips. The woman can lift her pelvis up when her partner is close to coming.
After another week or two, she might try putting the man’s penis inside of her vagina while she is on top. It’s good to keep it there for several minutes without thrusting too much. This helps the man get used to the warmth and other sensations, and there’s nothing that says she can’t be playing with her clitoris while his penis is inside her vagina. Keep experimenting with more ideas well covered in this guide too
Sooner or later you will win this battle!
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2022.01.24 08:57 YourAverageTallGuy Going to the arctic circle in a 110 td5

How feasible is it? We're making the trek to Tromsø in a couple of weeks in a td5. We're going to camp the whole way so power will be limited. We don't have a block heater. Are we fucked or is this do-able? It'll probably take 7-12 days to go up and back and our first day is 1700km up to oslo.
It does have a new engine put into it as the turbo blew up last summer. Its also got a new starter and a new airconditioning electrical system as the last one suddenly caught on fire and sent flames trough the vents lol. we've had quite a few stories with that car already. It also goes once a year to southern spain and back which is 4000km or so, so a 6000km trip wouldn't be a worry but what do you guys think? Will we make it without any major problems? Like i said, it's a 2005 td5 with 225k km now. Thanks for the help!
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2022.01.24 08:57 cosmichulk Get $10 when you sign up for Wealthsimple Cash - No deposit required. Have your $10 in a few minutes. Code W3ER50 🇨🇦 💵

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2022.01.24 08:57 blueguy333 Banned because of bad teammates...

So in my last match my teammates ran into my shots multiple times and naturally they took damage, after the 4th time i was kicked and got a nice juicy 7 day ban (i had some internet problems recently and had 3 penalties for disconnecting). Why cant it just be like in faceit where your teammates dont get damage? Why is this even a function, if i play with apes that cant even speak english theres not much i can do to prevent them from doing stupid shit (like running into my shots). It sucks now i have to go back to faceit and get destroyed every game again for an entire week, atleast i might improve and i dont have to worry about friendly fire
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2022.01.24 08:57 gamerjo4 Control my 18m body for Madelyn cline

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2022.01.24 08:57 no_thanks88 Potential faulty individual pair of contact lenses

I am wearing soft toric daily contact lenses, I have used both Precision 1 by Alcon as well as BioTrue daily torics from Bauch and Lomb.
There are days approx (1out of 4 days) that the lense in the one eye(can be right or left) it seems causes problematic(blurry vision). Not something extreme, but it is noticeable especially when you are reading or you are looking in the laptops screen, but we are clearly talking a bout an abnormal vision from the one eye(again it can be either left or right).
Initially I thought that the lense in this eye is not correctly paced so I tried to put it again several times.
-I tried to make sure that the lenses are placed correctly( from the correct curved side), as well as I explicitly make sure to place the laser mark "|" at six o'clock position myself.
However, the problem is not fixed and I am forced to open a new R or L lense pack. When I do that the blurriness issue magically goes away.
I always check that the lenses are not mixed up( for example put the left in the right eye etc).I never re-use my daily lenses beyond the 1 day mark. The issue seems to be happening both in B&L and the Alcon.
Is it a common issue to have faulty toric daily lenses packs every now and then?
It is the only possibility I can think of.
In the past(and until recently) I was wearing B&L lenses monthlies (One of the very first generations) and I never faced this issue. The issue started happening when I moved to dailies.
CYL -1.75,Axis:70,PWR-2.75 (left eye)
CYLLl -0.75 Axi: 110, PWR -3.75(right eye)
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2022.01.24 08:57 Tattoomyvagina Spruce trees are sexier than maple

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2022.01.24 08:57 hptechnicalsupport12 how to unarchive messages on messenger

can also be used to retrieve archived chats on a PC or Mac. To do so, open a browser on your computer and go to , then log in to your Facebook account. Click the three dots at the top of the left-hand sidebar to see "Archived Chats."
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2022.01.24 08:57 JulieJules1964 Is 60% with a bump to 75% when I reach my volume too low of a split for a top producing agent?

Loaded question I know. I've been working as an agent for about 5 years now. I took it slow as I had another job during the transition. Slow first couple years, was really only part time. 2020 was a good year, 2021 was a great year (awards high, high in the county board rankings) and 2022 is shaping up to be similar.
I get 60% then 75% after 2million in volume.
My brokerage is awesome. They're a recognized named with lots of locations so I wont say who. And my broker is AMAZING, she's the best. She is a top agent back in the day, but only sells with her sphere now, she's basically full time broker overseeing us Helping and guiding us. Always available for questions. She has a great reputation as a leader and developed into a friend of mine.

My brokerage doesn't provide much for leads, i've probably had 7 pan out between leads they pay for, answering their office phone, and referral network we are in. The rest of my 100+ career transactions have been generated by me through marketing, purchasing leads, b2b referrals, and my sphere. My brokerage does provide lots of support, marketing, tools, technology, and education for free.

I love my company and boss and coworkers. But i'm a numbers girl too. I cant help but calculate hypotheticals that (theres no guarantee I would do the same volume) but my brokerage made over 70k off me last year. Just what I think I can do as an average year they would make 40-55k. I can't help but think I could make a good portion of that back with another brokerage... or open up a home office and keep it all. I know I would have my own expenses but no where near 40-70k additional on top of what I already have for expenses.

Should I stay longer if im happy? I may eventually go out on my own anyways. I feel bad if I made fuss, they bumped my split against what their standard split policy offering is, then I end up leaving in 2023 for own thing anyways.
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2022.01.24 08:57 LittleSeraphim Halo: Burners: The Homeworld

First : Previous : Next? : My Other Stories
Burners: The Homeworld
“Break me down then, Build me up again, Speak to me and make me listen, Sick of waiting, suffocating, Everything I am is fading, Show me everything I could never be, I wanna know You're all around me, Now I'm finding, life is blinding, Letting go of all I'm hiding, I'm falling, I'm fading I'm reaching, I'm finding, I can't breath without You, I'm stuck inside of me, I'm not free without You There's nothing left of me.”- Ashes Remain, Inside of Me
Chapter 25
Sheila, Avery and Char sat together in a captured Phantom, all three in their armor as the craft swooped low over the streets of Rome with the wing ramps open and floating slow enough for the public to see them. The mood below was an odd mix of morning and victory celebration, the human spirit refusing to break even in the face of staggering loss.
“Think you’ll be able to enjoy a vacation with this much attention?” Avery asked and Sheila shook her head silently.
“I don’t know how to vacation.” Char stated calmly and Sheila silently put a hand on her shoulder.
“Normal vacations don’t involve being put on display like this so don’t worry about it. This is more like a PR mission.” Sheila offered and Char nodded, visibly less tense.
The Phantom touched down on a runway and the trio walked out to see several news crew filming their arrival as they were greeted by Lord Hood himself. They’d already been briefed before setting foot on the planet about what was going to happen so when the man pulled out three distinguished service crosses, and pinned them to the two sets of Mjolnir and to Avery’s semi-powered armor before awarding the soldiers of the 343rd with a presidential unit citation, none of them were taken by surprise.
The trio saluted the man before shaking his hand as he pinned their medals and then let the media photograph them. Avery and Sheila both had pictures of themselves in circulation and in a way that mean Charlotte’s face wasn’t exactly a mystery either as she was identical to her twin. Still none of them deigned to take off their helmets as they were escorted through the airport and into the back of a blacked out SUV.
The flash of cameras followed them the entire way and when they reached their hotel, a beautiful building clearly inspired by the city’s vaunted past, they settled into Sheila’s room to plan their evening. They’d been given a choice of restaurants and a reprieve from interviews, though reporters would be allowed to follow them from a distance and it was all very unsettling for the twins who’d been raised to literally live in society’s darkest corners. Avery was slightly more at home, coming from the Misriah family but she was still out of her depth and it showed.
“So any preferences?” Avery asked and both twins shrugged, too overwhelmed to worry about silly things like food.
“Something edible?” Char ventured and Sheila snorted with amusement.
“Why not grab food somewhere and then go see the sights. I’ve always wanted to see Earth and I never thought I’d get the chance to visit Rome.” Sheila was anxious, she hated crowds and the attention she was getting had her mind searching for snipers constantly, though she was also excited. It was a volatile mix but since she didn’t have a choice about being here, she was going to take advantage of it and see what she could before the Covenant came and ruined it. “It’s not like we’re going to get a second chance.”
“We won’t will we?” Avery replied quietly, eyes moving to the window and a forlorn sigh escaping her lips. “Let’s make the most of it. Can that fancy armor of your record?”
“Yup, I’m going to be 3d mapping the city so we can virtually recreate as much as possible.” Sheila replied and Avery nodded.
“I’ll help, that’s a good idea.” Avery conceded and grinned. “So dinner?”
“Char, you still like seafood right?” Sheila knew the answer since she had her sister’s memories but it was still police to ask.
“Yeah, I’m guessing Halsey told you?” Char asked and Sheila shrugged, dodging the answer now that they weren’t on the Albion. “Figures mom would fill you in on things like that.”
“She’s obsessive,” Sheila agreed and then looked over at Avery.
“I think I’ve got the place,” Avery said and with that, they gathered themselves and headed out.
The trio caught quite a bit of attention as they moved through the ritzy lobby of their hotel in power armor. Sheila and Avery weren’t comfortable outside their armor with this much attention after their experiences with ONI and Char wasn’t comfortable outside her armor full stop. Fortunately the restaurants they’d been offered had all been silently prepared for such an eventuality and chairs capable of bearing the weight had been moved in ahead of time. The ride was peaceful, with only a few camera drones clicking pictures as they were dropped off.
Stepping into the restaurant, the trio were lead to their reinforced seats, ignoring the snap of cameras and smartphones that followed them. Once seated they removed their helmets and did their best to look comfortable under the intense scrutiny that drew. Sheila glanced around and felt a sudden flash of pain as information flooded her. Coordinates and blueprints, point defenses, radar and infrared telescopes flickering through her mind along with only one word, Midnight.
Falling back on her years of training, Sheila didn’t react, sliding her menu open and ordering before shifting her gaze over to her companions. Char’s eyes were moving over the menu, clearly unsure what to order while Avery had already made up her mind.
“Just get two things if you can’t pick one.” Sheila advised and Char quickly took her up on it.
The food was fantastic and the trio hit the city streets with grins hidden under their helmets. ‘I can’t exactly go speaking here, ONI definitely has the room wiretapped.’ Sheila thought and signed as much to her companions who all nodded in agreement. ‘The city’s beautiful at least.’ Sheila thought, pushing her concerns about the sudden dump of information to the back of her mind as she made her way through its storied streets.
Every step they took was followed and reporters tried, and failed, to interview them. It was fairly easy to ignore someone when you had a half ton of power armor around you after all. Avery, being slightly more at ease managed to give a few brief words, which seemed to be in line with what the reporters expected, after all the legend of the Spartan program had firmly taken hold in the public mind at this point. Children driven by revenge for their lost homes painted a romantic, if bleak picture and easily captured the public imagination.
The rest of their leave passed without anything of note happening. The trio were all forced to sit through carefully scripted interviews, which they performed flawlessly. It helped that Sheila and Char were never separated, both relying on each other to keep themselves grounded.
“This was kind of fun,” Sheila admitted their final day of leave as they lounged as a trio in her room.
“Dan’s started a betting pool,” Avery stated neutrally and Sheila raised a questioning eyebrow while tilting her head. It was a mix of normal and spartan gestures and Avery pinched the bridge of her nose when she found her minder going over how adorable it was. “He’s taking bets on if I’ll, in his words, land both twins or not.”
“What does that mean?” Char asked and Sheila gave her twin a comforting head pat.
“We really need to have the talk.” Sheila stated and Char frowned.
“I know about sex sister,” Char replied calmly and Sheila sighed dramatically.
“Sure, academically, but clearly your social skills haven’t caught up. You’re still sheltered, you did spend a year with the soldiers right?” Sheila asked and looked over at Avery.
“Everyone kind of walked on eggshells around her except for the command squad and you know, none of us save Dan are really all that crass and he finds her misunderstandings and confusion hilarious so he doesn’t explain anything.” Avery supplied and Sheila put both hands over her mouth as if praying for patience.
“Of course, why should I expect anything less? Okay, Char? Dan’s teasing Avery and, well us, about, well, he’s implying one or both of us are going to sleep with Avery.” Sheila could feel the awkwardness hanging in the air as Char slowly processed the information and then frowned before realization dawned on her face.
“Oh, huh, I, oh.” Char muttered before leaning her chin on a hand. “Well, I don’t know why he’d think that. I don’t get those kinds of urges often, though Avery is very pretty.”
“I know, semi-intentional side effect of our augmentations.” Sheila replied and Char nodded slowly.
“Does that mean…” Avery ventured and Sheila rolled her eyes.
“I’m still interested but I’d rather put that kind of thing off until things aren’t so crazy. Don’t need that kind of headache right now.” Sheila replied and was happy to see the sentiment echoed on Avery’s face.
“Good, we’re on the same page.” Avery agreed with clear relief. “So last day on earth.”
“Yeah, never thought I’d see the place to be honest. You’re from Mars right?” Sheila asked and Avery nodded.
“Yup, been to Earth before, not Rome but North America. Most of Misriah’s civilian sales are made there after all.” Avery explained and Sheila nodded along as the conversation turned towards stories of childhood, though Sheila was careful only to share things that didn’t involve Mendez or Halsey.
Returning to the Albion was accompanied by just as much pomp as their departure. News crews photographed and filmed every step they made onto the captured phantoms. The ride to orbit was blessedly quiet and returning to their ship, free from public scrutiny was an immense relief. So much so Sheila almost forgot about the headache Halsey’s hidden data had given her.
“We need to head to the bridge, for a conversation.” Sheila finally said as they stepped into the bustling hangar. Supplies were pouring into the ship once more and modifications were being made at a dizzying pace. Heavy weaponry was being loaded onto the Albion for the first time and that meant tanks, trucks, drones, gunships and even a few of the new YSS-1000 Sabre star fighters. In addition to the new equipment, the areas of the ship that would traditionally house even more soldiers were being ripped open and remade to house the factory modules provided by Serina.
Arriving on the bridge, Sheila quickly fired off summons for the entire command squad and settled into the Captains chair, her helmet resting in her lap and fingers interlaced, resting her chin on her thumbs. Char immediately recognized the gesture as one of Halsey’s favorite thinking postures and narrowed her eyes at it.
“You’re taking after mom quite a bit Sis.” Char stated calmly and Sheila nodded slowly.
“I spent years, or part of me spent years as her personal AI. She left all kind of things in my files and one of them just popped open, or rather opened while we were on vacation. First night actually.” Sheila’s words summoned the ship’s AI who was clearly intent on making now the time for conversation.
“You going to explain what you are properly?” Serina asked, tone clearly hostile and Sheila nodded.
“When I was seven Halsey made an AI copy of my brain. Every year, she’d update me, the AI me, with my memories. During the year I was with Halsey, the AI was basically piloting my body while I was kept mostly unconscious and when the year was up, Halsey merged us up again. She also gave me copies of your memories Char.” Sheila explained and Char nodded stiffly.
“And she didn’t just merge the AI with you, you’ve got the processing power and implants to exist as a digital sapience so you’re a hybrid. Okay, I think I get why she did it but why keep you two separate for years? You’d only need to create the AI then immediately integrate it into your mind before it differentiates. There was no need for, this! She killed you and you’re, fuck.” Avery had already put the picture together but as always, Halsey never failed to terrify her.
“Because Halsey wanted to raise me as her daughter. Because more time for the AI meant it was more proficient and developed. Because it would help me understand her better and I think she needed that from someone. Because Halsey is bat shit insane. Take your pick.” Sheila shrugged, hoping that was enough for her audience.
“You’re a mess, take it from a dead woman.” Serina finally said and grinned, “need my help?”
“That depends, are you ready to go up against ONI?” Sheila asked and Serina summoned a helmet from thin air and put it on, the visor polarizing silver as she did so.
“Bring it on, I’ll show them that not even death stops an ODST.” Serina promised and Sheila smiled at the AI as Dan and Mike walked in. Both men weren’t in their armor and Mike was still carrying a tablet and writing on it feverishly, Riza coming in a moment later. Mason arrived dressed in scrubs having been working in the Albion’s hospital up until Sheila had called for him. Lars was the only one in armor as he’d been lifting things down in the hangar and trying not to drool over the sabers being loaded onto the ship.
“So Captain, Vice Captain, Commander, what’s with the summons? I was working with the engies on something special.” Dan asked, crossing his arms and looking as unimpressed and bothered as he could manage.
“Well, I have new intel and considering what happened on Reach I think it’s important.” Sheila stated calmly and looked around the room. “Serina, Avery, can you isolate this room from the rest of the ship’s network? This cannot leave the room.”
“Give me a moment,” Avery pulled out her laptop while Serina got to work throwing up firewalls. Once both women were satisfied Sheila shot a signal to the main holo projectors, summoning an image of a massive asteroid fortress.
“Midnight Facility, a relic of the Sol Wars and currently occupied by ONI.” Sheila stated calmly and looked over the room. “It’s where they keep humans who are too valuable for whatever reason to kill but too dangerous to roam free. For example, humans who have been exposed to a super sapience and survived or humans who have unique genetic augmentations or mutations.”
“Genetic research has been all but suspended for the last few hundred years. Aside from the Orion program, I don’t know of any.” Char stated and Sheila nodded in agreement.
“Most of the prisoners are from the Sol Wars themselves, ancient beings from before the Forerunner Genesongs were active and in control. The Forerunners were mostly dormant in humanity, exposure to slipspace triggering their awakening but nuclear war, genetic engineering and cosmic radiation freed a noticeable percentage of the human population and triggered a backup awakening, at least that’s Halsey’s theory. The Sol Wars are what humanity is capable of without the leash. The fleets that fought that war were vastly more powerful than the modern UNSC and Midnight is a relic of that war.” Sheila explained and began filling in information on the fortress’s defenses.
“The laser point defenses alone could take out anything save a UNSC super carrier. Good luck getting a MAC round to hit the place, they’d just vaporize it.” Serina stated as she processed the information.
“We can’t exactly take this beast, even Covenant ships are inferior. Clearly ancient humans didn’t need shields with that kind of firepower and range.” Dan read over the statistic for the fortress’s particle accelerators and looked over at Sheila. “So we’re sneaking onboard then.”
“Yes, Hats, we’re going to be deploying the 343rd to Midnight Facility but we can’t be detected. Can you manage to make enough prowlers?” Sheila looked over at the huragok who bobbed about nervously.
“No, I can make enough for about three hundred personnel.” The engie replied, looking over at Sheila. “There are likely to be Spartan guards but you’ve got a lot of Spartans too.”
“Char, about the Mark 7x, will you…” Sheila’s voice trailed off and she looked over at her sister who hesitated briefly.
“Does it hurt?” Char asked and Sheila frowned, unsure how to answer the question.
“It doesn’t hurt but it’s like dying, yet you wake up afterwards. It is a sacrifice but it’s also becoming something more. Do not make the decision lightly, I wasn’t given the choice.” Sheila knew what her sister would pick. They were twins and Char wanted to understand, even all their time apart hadn’t changed that about her.
“Alright, what about my old armor? They just issued me Mark 6 and we have a suit of Mark Vb and Mark IV aboard.” Char pointed out and everyone looked over at her. “What?”
“You’re kind of fucking huge, only person who could actually wear your armor is your twin anyways.” Dan pointed out and Char rolled her eyes.
“Have one of Hats’ people tailor it? You Spartan 1s can handle Mjolnir and we’ve got 3 suits up for grabs.” Char stated calmly and Dan looked over at Avery who nodded.
“Ave gets the Mark 6 if you’re taking the 7.” Dan stated and Char nodded. “Riza can have the Vb and I’ll take the Mark IV. Hats, we’ve got a new engineering project!” The alien trilled excitedly in response, wriggling his tentacles as he floated over to Dan.
“Why do you guys like Dan so much?” Avery asked, unable to contain the question.
“Oh he knows what the aliens like,” Mike replied with a tired smile.
Char looked at the white Mjolnir Mark 7x standing in front of her. Aside from the color, it was identical to Sheila’s but it currently lacked the high speed flight module her sister had been wearing on Reach. It was impressive, even compared to older marks with full armor coverage, no visor and a diamond outer coating it was vastly more protective and lighter than previous generations. No amount of standard 7.62 NATO could get to the spartan inside and that was without its energy shields active. Underneath that armor was a super computer that most planetary AI couldn’t match and an anti-gravity unit that amplified a Spartan’s already ridiculous dexterity by toying with space-time itself.
It was enough power to turn a supersoldier into a demi-god if not an outright god of war but it required a mind that could keep up with it and the limits of biology were working against Charlotte Campbell in that regard. Taking a deep breath, she slowly let the automated rig put the armor onto her before pulling out a crystal card that contained an AI copy of her, if Sheila was to be believed. The card was unassuming and harmless compared to the weapons she’d wielded in the past but this was a different kind of danger.
‘Here goes nothing,’ Char thought, sliding it into her helmet and putting it on. The world suddenly went black and her head felt like someone had split it open and poured molten lead into her skull. The world fell away and Char felt fear and pain drag her into oblivion. Then, it was over and she was awake and so much more.
Author's Notes:
Some public relations, some discussions of forerunner gene fuckery and Char trusting Halsey...
I will say this, it is Canon that Forerunners put geas in humans to guide our development. It is also canon that they reincarnated themselves into other people's bodies this way, among other horrendous crimes. Go read up on the what they did to the humans on Installation 07 and the palace of pain if you want to know how absolutely evil they were.
The Forerunners(And to a lesser extent ONI) are the source of all stupid in canon Halo. I can't really blame the Covenant for their own stupid because they happened upon technology that should not have been left on their damn homeworlds. On a moon orbiting their homeworld? Sure that'd be fine, at least then they'd develop science and rocketry and be established enough culturally not to worship the doomsday weapons lying around the galaxy. Who fucking just leaves spaceships on inhabited worlds? It's not like it was an accident, after all the halos wiped out all life and then the galaxy was reseeded. They had all the time in the world to wait, clean up their damn mess and then settle the place. Fuck!
Alright, got that off my chest. I love Halo, specifically the games. The books are just so full of handwavium and poor decisions on behalf of supposedly smart individuals that I wrote this story. Here, every bad decision(I can think of) is explained. Is this "logical conclusions"? No, this is, "There Is A Reason For Illogical Conclusions." After all, an organization called the office of naval intelligence, that has access to super computing AI, cannot be as dumb in reality as canon makes them. So I made a reason for it.
Legion: If any of my bodies are awoken, they will be unarmed but capable of fighting within a minute of waking. You are our only real combat specialist though, Ghost. If we're fighting our way out, you'll have to buy time for us.
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2022.01.24 08:57 EchoTab Making $1.5M/month on OnlyFans and Twitch: Amouranth [27:33]

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2022.01.24 08:57 FuckRNGsus Never have I felt more stupid than today

I spent 5 hours for one single god dam chapter of physic homework even with a online helper and couldn’t finish it correctly I did great in exercise and tutorial class and got question correct
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