There's only two ways to get a fair deal out of exchanging your time for money. One is working for yourself and the other is only achieved through a collective effort from all workers to take back their power.

2021.12.04 09:49 jdvhunt There's only two ways to get a fair deal out of exchanging your time for money. One is working for yourself and the other is only achieved through a collective effort from all workers to take back their power.

Most of the posts on this sub are American but I'm Australian so working conditions are different over here, but the overall trends and the slow degredation of the treatment of workers is the same. I understand some people aren't in a position to start their own business for a variety of different reasons and I acknowledge tha tI definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without a lot of help from other people in my life and I'm very thankful for that.
I grew up in a rural town and moved to the city to pursue my career, however I realised after being employed for over a decade at various companies from different sizes that working for other people is never going to let me do what I want to do with my life.
We took the jump and decided to leave the city and move back to a small rural town on the coast and I started a business as a sole trader doing onsite IT support. I make about the same as I did in the city, but I don't work even close to 20 hours a week now. I set my own shifts, I decide what work I do and don't do and I never have any other people project their insecurities onto me anymore. It wasn't easy at first and I had to grind it out for a few months to make it happen but I was fortunate enough to get enough work to get it off the ground.
I can't even compare 10 years working in the city being miserable never catching a break and being treated poorly to struggling for a few months getting the business off the ground with little to no money, life is so much better now that the initial struggle seems like nothing and now I know for sure that the modern day employer-employee relationship has lowered and lowered in fairness so much in the last 50 years that now people (including myself) have had enough.
Meritocracies are dead. Nearly every aspect of life has lost this once high-held construct and that fact is more evident in career progression now than ever. Most businesses will keep you in the same position if you're good at it and then outsource any positions above that come up and if they do promote internally it's almost always a political popularity contest. It's also common practice for management to be given personal bonuses when they cut costs which creates a really hostile environment that gives incentive to treat staff poorly and cut anything that helps morale, especially if the workers are replaceable.
Whether it's down to unions have been losing their power or some either economic factor I'm too stupid to understand it's more than clear that in 2021, workers don't get their fair share of the wealth and the situation is not going to improve by itself no matter who you vote for. Companies will hire outside before promoting internally, especially if you are good in your current position so always be looking elsewhere. A payrise is an unneccessary expense to them and if other people are available to do the job, you're just a number.
When left unchecked, working conditions will gradually be lowered over time and the appropriate people to perpetuate this decay are hired in the relevant management positions, unbeknowns to them. We all know the statistics about wage growth and wealth distribution recently plus this is coming from an Australian and we statistically have it better here, but the overall trends are the same.
As far as I see it the only two ways to get a fair deal when exchanging your time for money. One is working for yourself and the other is only achievable if everyone gets together and forces the working culture to change. Keep at it antiwork
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2021.12.04 09:49 Lonely-Condition-753 Assalamualaikum, Can anyone help me find these kind of BEANIE's? I think its called "Slouchy Beanie"

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2021.12.04 09:49 Deegzy Grounding totem bug or working as intended?

Hey guys, haven't played much classic but have noticed this happening multiple times now, does grounding totem work differently in classic or is it just buggy? the tooltip doesnt suggest that the casters range would matter, im curious as to why the buff was removed? cheers
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2021.12.04 09:49 satsumaking Smart watch that connects to google home but has no internet browser?

Hi, I’m struggling to find what I’m looking for but was wondering if any of you knew of any smartwatches that can connect to google home hubs but had no internet browsing/don’t allow you to download apps that browse the internet? Thanks
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2021.12.04 09:49 AdvertisingMiddle971 Any thoughts here on Unbroken War: 3 Kingdoms?

Seeing the gameplays and characters prior to launch is so ancient type. Hoping it has many available skins and skills that will be offered.
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2021.12.04 09:49 YollowMtUTY Green Ghost

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2021.12.04 09:49 haag_ [lspconfig] - Ensure this server is listed in `` or added as a custom server.

Hi everyone, maybe someone can help me with this problem the i have after update lspconfig.
I use a little lsp to write 'deluge' scripts. I still have autocomplete but since the update i have this error on neovim startup.

[lspconfig] Cannot access configuration for deluge. Ensure this server is listed in `` or added as a custom server. 
Configuration for the lsp.
local lspconfig = require 'lspconfig' local configs = require 'lspconfig/configs' local custom_attach = function(client) print("Deluge LSP started."); end -- Syntax highlight for Deluge files vim.cmd [[ autocmd BufNewFile,BufRead /*.dg setf deluge ]] -- Check if it's already defined for when reloading this file. if not lspconfig.deluge then configs.deluge = { default_config = { cmd = {'$HOME/apps/github/deluge/deluge-server'}, filetypes = {'deluge'}, root_dir = lspconfig.util.root_pattern('.git', 'deluge'), -- root_dir = function(fname) -- return lspconfig.util.find_git_ancestor(fname) or -- vim.loop.os_homedir() -- end, settings = {} } } end lspconfig.deluge.setup { capabilities = require('cmp_nvim_lsp').update_capabilities(vim.lsp.protocol.make_client_capabilities()), on_attach = custom_attach } 
I think (i dont remember), i took this code from :help lspconfig-adding-servers
[START][2021-12-04 09:38:42] LSP logging initiated [INFO][2021-12-04 09:38:48] .../lua/vim/lsp.lua:1272 "exit_handler" {} 
Thank you :)
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2021.12.04 09:49 Dependent-Pumpkin971 I finally have enough money what should i buy a ps5 or a ps4 (1tb) with a 40 inch tv? Its gonna be my first gaming console

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2021.12.04 09:49 Vladimir-frq Picture I took a while back. Hope you guys like it!

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2021.12.04 09:49 marshalvar What books are used in Russia to grill students in the art of Chess?

I'm convinced they have a secret stash of resources and a highly guarded training regiment.
Jest aside, what books are normally used in Russian chess classes?
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2021.12.04 09:49 autismsaxperson Virginity

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2021.12.04 09:49 J0nes91 Worth keeping this GC?

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2021.12.04 09:49 finnagains Across The Universe - John Lenon Cover (4:32 min) Mp3

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2021.12.04 09:49 SteveJobsHadBO Need help with installing MO on PortingKit / Origins version of RA2/YR on Mac

Can anyone help with this? I’ve followed the readme and also tried to find a workaround on google - no luck so far!
I have RA2/YR Installed on Origin, which I access through the PortingKit’s wineskin thingy. How do I get the MO launcher to load?
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2021.12.04 09:49 Luciferka98 Když si MenT myslí že má sixpack😂🤣

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2021.12.04 09:49 yeetusmcdeletus69420 Can we all agree on this

Can we all agree that our fav dark academia high iq coffee mage who probably needs to learn self care and therapy looks great with his hair in a small ponytail like cmon it just looks so good.
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2021.12.04 09:49 Sorin61 What will it take to end deforestation by 2030?

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2021.12.04 09:49 Sauerz Michigan B1G Championship Hype Video

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2021.12.04 09:49 Loud_Horror_666 Wow. To compare similar actors…

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2021.12.04 09:49 OkRegio AOC calls out leadership for not disciplining Lauren Boebert: "It's embarrassing"

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2021.12.04 09:49 turtle613 Gross

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2021.12.04 09:49 badi95 Emulated Kasa to Sense help!

I'm trying to get data from my UPS to Sense. I've successfully been able to create a sensor for my UPS power consumption in Watts in my configuration.yaml, I can see this sesnor in my entity list and it's reporting correct values.

template: sensor: - name: "UPS Power Usage" unit_of_measurement: "W" state: > {% set nominal_power = states('sensor.ups_nominal_real_power') | float %} {% set ups_load = states('sensor.ups_load') | float %} {{ ((nominal_power * ups_load) / 100) }} 
Then I have emulated Kasa report that sensor
emulated_kasa: entities: sensor.ups_power: name: "UPS Power" power_entity: sensor.ups_power_usage 
But it hasn't shown up in Sense. Is there anything else I need to do?
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2021.12.04 09:49 MixlaSucks just killed a kd :thumbsup:

just killed a kd :thumbsup:
So if youre this king dragon then dont tail slap deers
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2021.12.04 09:49 Idontknowanameshit My embody isn’t comfortable at all. I am constantly wrestling with it everyday trying to sit comfortably but it just doesn’t work. My back feels like it’s gonna break

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2021.12.04 09:49 NickTesarek hmmm

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